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Transform Your Health and Supercharge Your Spiritual Abilities

Ultimate Body Healing Breakthrough is a 6-week program designed to activate your body's healing systems, reverse your aging process, and level up your intuitive and energetic abilities.

Western medicine often fails because it does not address every layer of our existential nature -- physical, energetic, and mental/spiritual.

We are not taught HOW TO LIVE IN A HEALING STATE and so many of us experience aging and bodily breakdown over time. We are told that aches and pains just become a part of life, while our bodies begin to wither away and we become dependent on drugs or surgeries to stay functional.

Discover the ability within you to generate vitality energy and live a long healthy life.

How do you heal the gut when nothing works? How can you strengthen damaged bones? How do you get rid of anxiety?

When I got out of the Navy my health was at an all-time low. Doctors told me my health problems would be lifelong and tried to give me drugs that didn't solve the root cause.

Ultimate Body Healing Breakthrough is the foundation of everything I practice today, in my career and my lifestyle. It can help you alleviate symptoms and start to eliminate the root cause of what you are dealing with.

Everything you need for an extraordinary quality of life is within you. It just needs to be awakened and tended to like you would a garden.

Discover how to

Reverse your body's aging process
Detox and strengthen your organs
Speed up your metabolism (without supplements)
Heal aches and pains NATURALLY with no medicine
Build muscle easier than ever before
Rejuvenate your body to a youthful state, including your joints
Burn fat easier than ever before (NO fad diets)
Access new states of consciousness with upgraded human wiring



So, first fantastic thing, the pain is gone without medications! I have a bad hernia that when I get stressed or I lift heavy weights the area around the hernia gets very inflamed and is bad to make it go.

I’m drinking a lot of water (I don’t used to )

I’m using my own energies in the morning without doing breakfast!!!

I wanted to deeply thank you... Now I see how you are using all that you have learned and sharing with others is an admirable act. I know you most be super busy in this days I just wanted to encourage you to keep encouraging us!

Anely M.

Course Breakdown

Weeks 1-2

Reset the Body

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Days 4-7
Days 8-10
Days 10-14

How to Enter the Healing State

Healing with Food

The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

Synchronizing the Biorhythm

De-Noising and Detoxing

Releasing Chronic Tension

Weeks 3-4

Heal the Energy

Day 15
Day 16
Day 17-20
Days 21-24
Days 25-28

How to Increase Energy Sensitivity

Energy Healing 101

Releasing Traumas

Cultivating Energy

Rewiring the Nervous System

Weeks 5-6

Upgrade the Mind

Days 29-32
Days 33-35
Days 36-39
Days 40-42

Recalibrating Perception Habits

Opening New Neural Pathways

Supercharging the Third Eye

Aligning with the Most Magnetic and Evolved YOU

You receive:

Ultimate Body Healing Breakthrough Video Course ($397 value)

"The Vault" Sacred Healing Practices ($300)

Access to Monthly Group Healings and Activations ($150 value)


Brain Breakthrough Guided Meditation MP3s ($23 value)

Self-Healing Routine Quick Reference Guide ($15 value)
Energy Healing & Cultivation Manual ($10 value)

Food Healing Cheatsheet ($5 value)



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