Healing Breakthroughs    


Claudia G.

Psychologist heals diabetes and chronic fatigue

Be the next success story!

Kristina T.

Retired doctor heals her diseases with energy healing

Jafree O.

Healed sciatica and back pain without surgery 

Traydon R.

Recently discharged Air Force vet found inner peace

Simona C.

Healed severe carpal tunnel without surgery

Joshua P.

Healed nerve damage after no doctors could help

Yana K.

Found empowerment and ability to create change in her life

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Shirley C.

I feel so much more open and lighter than I have felt in a long time.

I have been feeling very stuck and heavy for a long time. Not so much in pain but not feeling at my best, much more emotional than physical. During the session he worked with me to get to the root of the problem. It was a lot of digging through deep emotional baggage I have been hanging onto for a very long time.


During the session I got very emotional and parts of my body felt heavy and Max helped me work and breathe through these feelings and try to release them. Afterwards, I was very relaxed and felt much lighter. I will be booking another session soon to keep working on my journey to healing.

Max is a very talented healer and has a great gift that he has honed over the years. If you are interested in doing some healing, you should really consider booking a session with him. You won’t be disappointed.


Lucy W.

If you are looking to go to the next level spiritually, mentally and physically and interested in learning how to heal yourself. Max is the guy for you. He will show and share with you techniques that are very easy to implement in your everyday routine, but also brings you the most results. In the few short weeks I worked with him I experienced heightened energy and awareness along with clarity. Being able to take and use these skills has truly changed my life. Great work, great guy!.


Gemmah C.

I love how you showed up and how you effortlessly relate and connect! It’s incredibly inspiring,

(love your humour and your beautiful self) I also saw your mentioning 3 ppl and honestly believe I will work with you again as this consciousness is calling me in a whole new direction. Clarity is like never before! So feeling super grateful to be a part of this challenge and feel your energy.

Be the next success story!