Sunlight to See Better Days

Updated: Feb 15

It's becoming more and more clear that sunlight is necessary not only for mental health but also for vision. So what does light really matter?

We know that certain conditions can cause breakdown of our eyesight...

Such as staying inside for long periods of time to quarantine...

Only using your eyes to see a few feet in front of you...

Or staring at screens all day, especially in dark conditions

Even intense stress can reduce clarity of eyesight.

Today macular degeneration and chorioretinal conditions can now be treated with photodynamic therapy, where a medicine is used which is activated by near infrared light.

Dr. Joseph Trachtman even found that when our vision is out, it affects the hypothalamus which regulates basically everything in the body. He showed that light stimulation reduces inflammation in the eyes, and can directly affect the function and health of the pituitary and pineal glands.

Time spent outdoors has even been found to prevent or stop the development of myopia.

At the far end of the spectrum is a practice called sungazing, which has been used by some to heal and improve health. One opthalmologist documented his healing of his degenerative eye disease using sungazing. Some spiritual masters, such as Hira Ratan Manek, have adapted to live almost entirely off of sunlight.

Now I'm not saying to go outside and stare at the sun...

But if natural direct sunlight plays a role in calibrating our vision and our health...

How much are your eyes seeing the light of day?

- Max