Seeing is More Than Meets the Eye

You need to know this if you want to heal your eyesight naturally.

The first step in healing eyesight is reframing your beliefs about how you see.

Optometry tells us sight is all about the optics of the eye..

But you technically don't even needs your eyes to see.

Vision has a lot more to do with your brain and how your consciousness perceives the world.

At the ICU Academy in the UK, kids are taught to see without their eyes using blindfolds. They read books, paint, and play sports all while blindfolded.

Vibra-Vision in the US also teaches people to sense vibrations to perceive visual data.

Dr. Jacob Liberman has helped tens of thousands of people over the last decades to learn to see without glasses after healing his own vision through meditation while in optometry school.

The point is, your eyes aren't on a one-way downward, degenerative track and you can improve your vision.

When you harmonize your consciousness with the brain and the body, you experience clarity and you can see.

Your consciousness needs to be balanced and calibrated to perceive this physical reality.

Things that can get you uncalibrated:


Time indoors




Unbalanced emotions

These can affect your ability to perceive your reality and therefore significantly affect