You need to know this if you want to heal your eyesight naturally.

The first step in healing eyesight is reframing your beliefs about how you see.

Optometry tells us sight is all about the optics of the eye..

But you technically don't even needs your eyes to see.

Vision has a lot more to do with your brain and how your consciousness perceives the world.

At the ICU Academy in the UK, kids are taught to see without their eyes using blindfolds. They read books, paint, and play sports all while blindfolded.

Vibra-Vision in the US also teaches people to sense vibrations to perceive visual data.

Dr. Jacob Liberman has helped tens of thousands of people over the last decades to learn to see without glasses after healing his own vision through meditation while in optometry school.

The point is, your eyes aren't on a one-way downward, degenerative track and you can improve your vision.

When you harmonize your consciousness with the brain and the body, you experience clarity and you can see.

Your consciousness needs to be balanced and calibrated to perceive this physical reality.

Things that can get you uncalibrated:


Time indoors




Unbalanced emotions

These can affect your ability to perceive your reality and therefore significantly affect your vision.

What's the best way to improve how you see? Change your beliefs about how you see first. You're not a helpless victim that is doomed to have worsening eyesight forever. You have the power to better align with your body and mind as consciousness and see the world with more clear eyes.

Next we'll be going into exercises you can do to start seeing better.

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Updated: Feb 18

How to get the most out of meditation to heal your body, mind, and spirit naturally

Meditation has become "trendy" in the West and lots of people like to think they have it down pat. What most don't realize is that most people are not tapping into NEARLY the magnitude of benefits they could be getting if they made a few changes to their technique.

Meditation can be extraordinarily transformative when you do it effectively and can make life-saving changes to your body's internal climate.

1. Let Go of Stress-Inducing Belief Patterns

Most people think of meditation as just a seated quiet time activity that helps clear your mind. The thing is, 90% of people are meditating ineffectively. They may be getting some slight health benefits by having a little more brain balance but if you're not working on the mental and physical levels you're not getting nearly as much benefit as you could be getting.

When you are about to meditate, you want to become as present as possible. This means holding yourself with magnified mindfulness throughout your body. Some common things that can get in the way of this are mental attachments to past/future, like a general nagging feeling that you have things that you still have to take care of, or your life is going to fall apart if you don't remember something, or you're still kicking yourself for something you did or failed to do.

When you allow yourself to acknowledge and release any of these stories you get stuck on, and let them dissipate BEFORE the meditation begins, you've already set the stage for a much more effective meditation than most people get for themselves.

2. Feel, Don't Think

During meditation, most people experience that they have thoughts or images flit across their mind. This is normal and does not mean that you're failing. Just allow yourself to focus on FEELING instead of thinking. The brain can only do one or the other at a time. If you find yourself thinking a lot and playing out stories in your head, your attention has gone away from feeling the sensations that are there waiting to be felt.

The most effective way to go into feeling is to put all of your awareness in the center of your chest and feel this space as the origin of your consciousness. Let it be the center point that you breathe and feel from. This will help you to center yourself and stay focused on feeling.

The more you accumulate awareness, the deeper and more sensitively you will be able to feel.

We live in a world full of distractions and demands on our attention. Your attention span muscle may be weak and need to shift between different things. Be patient with yourself when you notice this, remember to go back into feeling, and resume. Over time holding this light state of focus will increase your ability to hold your attention dramatically, as well as amplify your system's healing abilities (the more energy accumulates without interruption, the more powerful it becomes).

This is also a crucial foundation for learning how to heal yourself and others if you choose to go down that path.

3. Stand for Change

Standing for meditation instead of sitting is guaranteed to catapult your progress in self-mastery and reaping the rewards of your meditation practice.

Through a stationary standing practice you train your mind and body to accumulate energy from the Earth (which is sort of relevant to being a human in this 3D reality). With proper technique you have the opportunity to strengthen and rejuvenate your joints, as well as give the bones an opportunity to shift and spread out to where they should be. It is important to make sure your spine is straight but relaxed as over time your vertebrae can shift and realign for better energy flow in your body.

Depending on your specific standing practice, your arms may be at your sides or raised up and held in a stationary posture.

Most importantly, when you meditate standing you afford yourself an opportunity to remain calm and relaxed while experiencing duress. It doesn't mean much if you can calm yourself in a quiet space when fully comfortable. It says a lot more if you can maintain your internal calm when your body is screaming at you to give up.

Not many people will take heed to this advice about meditating standing, but it is probably the biggest reason that I have been able to heal from so many "incurable" problems. Studies have found that most people literally prefer death by disease over making lifestyle changes to better their health.

Those that choose to go down the path of doing the inner work may find not only can they heal themselves, but they develop "supernatural" abilities that come along with living in a more harmonious, energized body.

There are those who enjoy comfortable suffering, and those who won't settle for anything less than an awesome life. Which type of person are you?

- Max

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Updated: Feb 15

It's becoming more and more clear that sunlight is necessary not only for mental health but also for vision. So what does light really matter?

We know that certain conditions can cause breakdown of our eyesight...

Such as staying inside for long periods of time to quarantine...

Only using your eyes to see a few feet in front of you...

Or staring at screens all day, especially in dark conditions

Even intense stress can reduce clarity of eyesight.

Today macular degeneration and chorioretinal conditions can now be treated with photodynamic therapy, where a medicine is used which is activated by near infrared light.

Dr. Joseph Trachtman even found that when our vision is out, it affects the hypothalamus which regulates basically everything in the body. He showed that light stimulation reduces inflammation in the eyes, and can directly affect the function and health of the pituitary and pineal glands.

Time spent outdoors has even been found to prevent or stop the development of myopia.

At the far end of the spectrum is a practice called sungazing, which has been used by some to heal and improve health. One opthalmologist documented his healing of his degenerative eye disease using sungazing. Some spiritual masters, such as Hira Ratan Manek, have adapted to live almost entirely off of sunlight.

Now I'm not saying to go outside and stare at the sun...

But if natural direct sunlight plays a role in calibrating our vision and our health...

How much are your eyes seeing the light of day?

- Max

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