Ormus Testimonials

"Definitely this water is an amazing substance, the most healing product I have ever come across."


Hello Swaha Ron,

I am almost finished with my 1st bottle and it’s beyond words what occurs from applying this on your skin.

My jawline and neckline have tightened up and my skin is soft as a child. I also had some rash like bubbles on my sacrum which cleared up within hours of application. I’m applying it on my abdomen also (since I’m in menopause) and reducing any bloating, reducing sweats and I’m more balanced overall.

Taking orally I found I sleep deeply and work on other dimensions wrapped up more quickly.

Thank you for your work with these products and the PRASAD I have used twice.

In Gratitude,



Got my ormus it’s amazing! I deal with something called TINEA VERSICOLOR and it wiped my spots out within 72 hrs of use. I have been taking the tincture ormus orally and using the cream directly on my infected areas.


Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. I have been searching for years for something non chemical to use when they get bad and your product has blown me away. Thank you so much for your help!



Thank you, Since I heard Emery Smith on Gaia talking about Ormus I became very interested and asked him who was the online shop he recommended for me to buy it and so I found you.

On another note, after I have my own experience not only with Ormus but other products of yours I would like to represent you in Portugal and Europe!

Happy New Year and New Earth


Margarida, Portugal



I wanted to share my testimony on the Ormus Powder that I recently had the privilege of trying.
I woke up in the morning feeling an oncoming excruciating migraine. I had recently received the pure Ormus Powder from Anu Alchemy and something guided me to use it. I offered a prayer of gratitude and made myself super receptive and conductive to the blessings and healing energy and then I took a very small amount and ate it….
Within just a few minutes I noticed the oncoming migraine was completely gone and not only that.. my overall energy levels were so much higher! I felt the Divine Love and Hope coursing through my entire system! Unbelievable and absolutely a Blessing from the Higher Beings!!! Thank you so very much for sharing these blessings.

Aleksandra Matic


I have to take it very slowly with that Navapashanam water, it is very potent and I am very sensitive to it.

I found out since I was taking that a few times for detox, that a drug I was on was made from pit viper venom

It was causing me a lot of side effects. I had been taking it for 10 yrs +. I stopped and i gained my stamina back and it was really messing with my health. I’d rather not be on a blood pressure medicine than eat snake venom.

I blame taking the Navapasham water on leading to the quitting of this substance and realizing it was made of poison.

So now that Navapashanam liquid will come in real useful as it took me 2 weeks of detox coming off that stuff to get back to normal… The Nav water will likely help me purge its more subtle toxins i gathered over time into my organs I suspect.

Lisinopril was the medication made from pit viper.

ES 1/6/19

 It has been almost a month now that I have been using the strong Navapashanam water you sent me and the Navapashanam ORMUS. When I got up to 4 shots I started to detox, I felt a sense of malaise and the surface of my skin started feeling like it was toxic – that the skin oils were carrying more toxins than normal. It feels like Navapashanam breaks open the cell walls and allows all the waste to be released, thats the sense I get. I was at 4 – 5 shots and a little Navapashanam ORMUS daily for a week or two before I felt healthy. Another thing I’m noticing is that I have old stretch marks from my early 20s (Im 32 now) that are very itching and just today I noticed they seem fainter. My digestion has been very bad for the last 5 years and 4-5 shots a day of the water has healed allot. I’ve experimented with 6 shots a day for a while and do well at that level now. Last Saturday I took 8-9 oz of the water and felt amazing all day- the healthiest I have felt in as long as I can remember, but then on Sunday I woke up feeling a severe flu-like reaction. Looks like I have a lot more detoxing to do to become completely healthy. I will keep working on going up to 8oz a day, doing it that one day had a big/lasting healing effect on my digestion, but it has not ‘fully’ healed yet. Definitely this water is an amazing substance, the most healing product I have ever come across. Thank you again for the water and Namaste!

DW 3/18/16

Energy Healing Testimonials

"I just wanted you to know that our session was incredible! Thank you so much for what you do, I truly appreciate you. I have not felt this open and alive in a very long time.

My EYESIGHT even improved! I look forward to working with you in the future. I will be sending friends and family your way. Your gifts are a beautiful blessing. Thank you again."

robyn testimonial.jpg

Robyn R.

"I had my first session with Max last Friday. Like most sessions I've had in the past, I knew what to expect. Was I wrong! I felt a connection like I've never experienced before. I felt the subtle movement of energies within my system and the more Max worked the more I felt. I surrendered because I knew I needed to.


After the session,  I felt very grounded and happy. He mentioned during the healing somethings that were so accurate and I knew he was truly connected. I have traveled and I have had many healings before, but I have never had one that I know without a doubt has shifted and opened some of the blocks that I felt within me.
Max is a truly gifted healer! He has the ability, to put you at ease and guide you through the process if you let him.


If you are on the fence about booking an appointment, don't. You owe it to yourself to feel like you were born to feel, not a person you've become through limiting beliefs.


Thank you, Max I can't wait to see what the next session brings."


Mary C.

"Max removed the pain from my back during the session and it's still gone YES!!!

I have some stomach problems that have plagued me for many years, about 2 hrs after the session I felt a strange energy on my left mid torso (where the stomach is) it lasted the entire night, it felt like an injection of light. WOW

I recently started to feel a pressure in my head - I did not mention it - but Max was aware of it and I could feel as he pulled it out now I feel a lightness in my head and am more sensitive in the space around it.

During the crystal sweep I could feel his energy pass through my left arm in the exact spot where my stomach is.

I followed the same routine of energy visualizations and breathing today and I feel so much more sensitive which was my initial goal.

He was really helpful in making suggestions to me that worked for him to accelerate my process of ascension


Thank you very much Max you are gifted and talented brother.


Max has a high level of understanding with regards to energy work and the way he communicates this was with openness, sincerity, and a playful enthusiasm.

He was able to feel into my energy patterns and could tell emotional patterns that I was stuck in. He was spot on with the readings that came to him regarding all this, and how I resist conflict, don't face issues head on, and by staying behind myself I restrict myself from fully being present and aware in my own body. So we worked on using breath to bring myself forward and more secured into my body with stronger awareness.


Max also did an incredible healing on me and worked on my root chakra. He could feel the erratic energies within there and worked on crystallizing the density. There is a denseness in that area I have been working on for some time, and applying self-healing with all the energy practices I have been learning. There is no more pain but a denseness and sometimes electricity type energy. Tuning into empty space does work and settle it, but I’m keen to see the effects of crystallization in that area and it’s great that Max intuitively felt to try this. First there was a swirling of energy movement, then I did feel a stability in that area afterwards and the odd spasms I was getting yesterday seemed to subside.


Another thing that stood out during our session, was the strong warmth I was getting in my pineal area. This warmth lasted the whole time we were merged and it was undeniably validating the connection. At the peak of the healing and activation Max was doing for me, the warmth came over the front of me like a flood of warm soothing energy and seemed to pool around my heart space.


I was able to passively open myself to the energies he was generating through to me during our session, and I could have stayed in that meditative almost trance state for another couple hours if you had time hahaha, it was just very relaxing and enjoyable.

Max was very skilled with his use of his tourmaline crystals wands and I sure felt the healing and activation energies flowing through between us.


It was a fun and an awesome experience being able to connect to you mate, and I appreciate all you did for me! Much love brother!"

Matthew C.

Mac V.

Matthew C.